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Inspiring people to embrace who they are across the globe

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We created this space because we wanted all children to learn to embrace who they are. We take great pride in being kids of two different races and we want kids and families of mixed children to know that they are included and welcomed without judgement.

We are excited to make a safe space and wanted the opportunity to bring families together to educate, grow, and embrace all ethnicities across the globe. Our platform is unique in ways that we strive to be inclusive to anyone who visits our site. We are glad that you are here! Let’s learn and grow together to make this world a better place for everyone.

Kicking racism to the curb

The ambassador


Hey I’m Braedon. Thanks for stopping by! I am so excited to be here with you ! We are on  a mission to change the world and show kids, that being two different ethnicities, is awesome! Being who you are is all that matters.

A Message From the Founder


Welcome and stay for a while. We are excited that you are here! I hope you explore with your children and family and learn to embrace both sides of your ethnicities. There are no judgements. You just have to show up and be you! We embrace your uniqueness.